Tensor Rings

GeoAlchemic now incorporates copper Tensor rings into our product range and these humble looking copper rings can really pack an energetic punch. Tensor rings are made in accordance with Sacred Cubits dating as far back as the Egyptian pyramids, Lemuria and Ancient Viking times. Each Cubit has a specific size and frequency with electrical multi

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Emf blocking Screens

My main line of work for the last 20 years has been manufacture and installation of Security screens and doors. It was only a few years ago when 5G was first turned on in my area that I realised through some online searches for shielding solutions for my own home that the screens I was

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EMF protection Tank Top

GeoAlchemic EMF protection Tank tops offer a stylish, cool and functional piece of clothing that assists in your health and wellbeing as you go about your everyday life. Silver shielding fibers combined with soft high-quality cotton guarantee your comfort and block over 90% of wireless radiation such as a cellphone or wifi radiation. This EMF

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