New Earth Grid activator

Thought I would share a little bit of information about our Earth Grid activators. The original design that we use in this work came from a ring found in the tomb of the high priest “Jus”, he was the priest / advisor for King Tutankhamen and his tomb was adjacent. Howard Carter had a copy of this ring made and wore it when he opened the tomb of King Tutankhamen. Many people died as a result of the protection spells / curses placed on that tomb, one such inscription translated to ” The wings of death shall touch whoever enters this tomb”. Howard Carter when asked how he did not succumb to the curse mentioned he wore a protective talisman and this become known as “The Atlantis Ring”. Legend has it that the design was channelled or brought to Egypt from the Atlantean priesthood and many psychics working with these rings have seen this priesthood or egregore of beings when wearing the Atlantis ring. We usually refrain from using the word Atlantis as it can trigger some people in a negative way due to past life trauma from the cataclysm that sunk the Physical islands long ago. The research carried out on this design led to experimental versions with the ring laid flat and made into a bar , these bars were found to bring the highest possible vibrations and clear negative energies very quickly from land and homes alike. We have had access to this information and through our own Alchemy now create these bars with the intention of clearing land and homes. This land clearing has the added functionality of activating the energetic grids from below the surface of the earth, helping in a small but powerful way to bring in the New Earth Grid energies of the next Golden age.

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