Tensor Rings

GeoAlchemic now incorporates copper Tensor rings into our product range and these humble looking copper rings can really pack an energetic punch. Tensor rings are made in accordance with Sacred Cubits dating as far back as the Egyptian pyramids, Lemuria and Ancient Viking times.

Each Cubit has a specific size and frequency with electrical multi meters showing the output of these rings when the circuit has been created. Muscle testing by professional and amateur kinesiologists alike shows astounding results with the body of the wearer of a Tensor pendant or bracelet displaying an obvious increase in strength and stability within a very short time of putting the piece on.

For me personally as someone that can see energy fields, I see a white energy halo around the Tensor rings and this Halo does not dissipate over time. This inspired me to add these power source pieces to my large resin-crystal energy grid activators with great effect.

There is a tonne of information online about Tensor rings and also a lot of secrets held by some world renowned practitioners who have researched and discovered the newer sacred cubits. We have a small selection of my favourite cubits available at www.geoalchemic.com as well as the larger generators .

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