Protective Headwear EMF/5g Baseball Cap


Silver fabric lined Hat to filter harmful EMF and microwave radiation frequencies. Black and gold with Geoalchemic activation Logo

The Geo Alchemic protective headwear anti Emf/5g Baseball Cap is made with 100% cotton with interwoven Silver fibre. This creates 99.99% shielding from various forms of Emf in the frequency range 30Mhz – 20 Ghz. Protecting the human brain in these times of excessive man made frequency generation is extremely important for general health and wellbeing and also mental health. Many people report a reduction in Tinnitus symptoms after a couple of weeks wearing the protective Baseball cap. Reducing exposure to 5g, WiFi, RF and other microwave signals can help ensure stress levels are lessened, sleep is more restful and moods are more positive. Once you start wearing one you will rarely leave home without it.

  • Very Effective Emf protective headwear – Our warm and comfortable¬† baseball cap is created with powerful signal blocking and anti-radiation fabric. Its anti-EMF material dramatically reduces the exposure to chaotic and harmful wireless radiation wherever you go.
  • Geometric Design – The GeoAlchemic design on each Cap creates a subtle energy field that enhances the appearance and may also assist with meditation when placed over the forehead/Third eye. Some of our wearers report an extra feeling of safety and psychic protection with the beanie and symbol, It is also golden yellow in colour which some EMF consultants advise is the most protective colour in the spectrum against harmful EMF frequencies.
  • Shielding Protection – The inner lining of the Emf protective Cap is made of our EMF blocking silver fabric. Its EMF shielding fabric is proven to protect you against the harmful radiation of cellphones, WIFI, and other wireless devices.
  • Fashionable with a comfortable fit – stylish and lightweight our EMF protective baseball cap is an ideal accessory for extended wear in all types of weather conditions, especially the sunny summer months. Well Suited for those with EMF hyper sensitivity, health issues, and the growing number of people that are aware of the risks and dangers of ever increasing EMF in our environments seeking to reduce their exposure.
Weight .2 kg
Dimensions .3 × .3 × .25 cm


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