Personal Shielding Geode Shungite..Tourmaline..Amber+Galactic Tensor 100mm


Electromagnetic fields are unavoidable in modern day life, our homes have become virtual cages of chaotic frequencies flowing through our walls and living spaces. Wifi routers, Data cables, Standard 50hz electrical wiring and various large appliances generate large fields of unhealthy energy that is not coherent with our organic human bodies. Mainstream and alternative medicine alike have been inundated in the last few years from many thousands of people complaining of Insomnia, back and neck pain, chronic fatigue, unexplained headaches and behavioural problems in children.

With so many unseen sources of Electro-Smog in our lives it is  a very good idea to look at ways to mitigate the possible harm that the above mentioned  culprits can create. Placement of certain power stones such as shungite, black tourmaline and smoky quartz has become very common in houses around Australia and the rest of the world. Shungite has been hailed as the supreme energetic stone for its ability to shield  the body from harmful EMF frequencies when held on the body or placed in close proximity to devices such as wifi routers.

Tensor Rings have taken off globally in the last few years with many people getting great results physically and spiritually with the sacred measurements and special processes of creation producing Emf neutralising energy of significant power. Rare earth magnets have shown up also in recent times with the arrival of 5G bringing many alternative ideas on protection and harmonistaion of these noxious frequencies to light. Combining these magnets in pairs or multiples in a way that they are attached to each other but repelling at the same time has been touted as the antidote to 5G wireless radiation. Many creators of orgonite products combine single rare earth magnets with their tensor rings to amplify the energy in their devices.

Our  100mm diameter Personal Shielding Geode is comprised of Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Amber and a Galactic Ascension Tensor ring. This combination offers powerful psychic protection, will help enhance your personal space and can also assist with bodywork and healing modalities. Multiple Geodes when placed around your home or land create a powerful grid that keeps your space clear of energetic interference.  The hexagonal geometry is also known as a powerul spiritual protection .

This little device has an energy field of 15m in diameter , it is perfect for all areas of the home and we suggest placement under the bed for a good nights rest, on the office desk or nearby to Wifi routers. For serious EMF harmonisation we recommend the Original Emf Geode that includes rare earth magnets.


Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 0.100 × 0.100 × 0.040 cm
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