Earth Grid Plasma Generator 450mm


The Earth Grid Plasma Generator combines multiple components with C02 Gans Plasma to create a large energy field that both harmonises the Earth Grid and promotes better conditions on the land for gardens, plants and crops to grow. In this version listed we utilise 5 of our Earth Grid Activators made with Iron, Selenite, Kyanite, Shungite and Copper. The end panels comprise of Shungite and Iron with Fluorite Spheres to help amplify and transmit the energy to its maximum effect. Individually the Earth Grid activators in this device can produce a harmonic energy field of up to 1 Kilometre radius depending on the placement and levels of Geopathic stress in the target area. Combining 5 activators in this way synergises their energy into the panels at each end that act as accumulators before this energy is projected through the fluorite spheres into the surrounding environment. The activators function in a way that creates continuous energy and this device will function well placed both horizontally and vertically.

The reason we use Gans Plasma is that in the pursuit of amplification of the Earth grid activators and generators we discovered that placing these Bars and Barrels near water greatly increased the energy field, this also carried the same effect when a bar was placed vertically on a tree. The tree’s energy field responded by expanding 10 – 15 metres from the trunk during various experiments and placements on a variety of different species. Large pine trees in particular seemed to enjoy the energy of our bars the most, trees hold water also.

In addition to these personal experiences we base the water theories on the work of Dr Emoto regarding water communicating with other areas of water over great distances, incorporating water into a device that is generating a harmonic golden ratio field can therefore project that energy to the water in our bodies, the water in plants, the ground and even in the clouds above. This can assist in raising consciousness, transmuting harmful or negative energies and returning areas of land that have been lowered in vibration to a more harmonious state. We came to the conclusion that the Gans Plasma water having a power of its own can be the ultimate conduit to expand and transmit the energy of our harmonisers for the maximum benefit of the land and all life in the area.

A brief description of the Gans Plasma we use :

Plasma Science and GANS Technology Relating to Plants

Plasma Science opens the door to a new scientific understanding of our environment. This new Plasma Technology will teach all of humanity how our world truly works. What we see as our physical world is only but a small slice of the whole. Understanding that our planet operates as a plasma with the flow of magnetical and gravitational fields and how everything within this plasma is interacting with these fields.

All life on this planet including man, animals, insects, birds, bacteria is a smaller plasma which operates with its own magnetical and gravitational fields. How life is created and thrives on this planet is dictated by the environment of this planet. Our planet again is subject to the environment of our solar system which has its own magnetical and gravitational fields. We are all a smaller fraction of the whole.

Applying this universal understanding to agriculture today will have profound benefits and effects for generations to come. We begin to work with the magnetical and gravitational fields that have always existed, but we could never see, touch or measure them.

Many different approaches to agriculture over the last 100 years has taken us from subsistence farming to large scale commercial farming with synthetic fertilizers. We have also seen the development of Permaculture, Biodynamic farming and Organic farming and now Regenerative Agriculture which have tried to use a more holistic approach to farming. Each method and approach have its benefits and negative consequences.

Plasma Science and Technology now gives us this insight into how our planet creates and nourishes all life. The plants are the most intelligent species on Earth because they have understood how to use these fields to grow. They have understood their environment and how to maximise the interaction with these MaGrav fields. (Courtesy Of Plasma in Nature)

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 47 × 26 × 26 cm
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