Atlantean Luxor Pendant Silver 55mm XL


Atlantean Luxor Pendant 55mm XL Silver


Our new Atlantean Luxor pendant is made with Sterling Silver and is 55mm x 13mm in size. These pendants offer great psychic protection and bring many other benefits to the psyche and aura of the wearer. Made in Australia with the pure intention of assisting ascension and activation these powerful little tools can help bring peace to body, mind and soul. Read on for more information:

The Atlantean Ring and Atlantean Bar have their origins in France. Since the discovery in the early 1900’s, they were almost forgotten until the 1960’s when they were brought back into the attention of new age seekers. The Atlantean Ring became quite popular in Europe and subsequently in America, while the interest in the Atlantean Bar was very low, until recently and limited to Europe. In the past decades the Atlantean Ring was attributed with certain properties. It provides immunity against subtle energy invasions. It protects against negative influences and dangers of all kinds. It forms a vibrational energy shield neutralizing all evil, spells and enchantments. It improves overall health. It fosters contacts with the spiritual dimensions. It is primarily a personal tool as it adjusts itself to the personal magnetic field of the person who wears it. Of course, these are subjective claims, and one has to make up his own mind whether or not this is true. There are many vendors on the market who sell Atlantean Rings. By using my ability to sense the energy of objects, it is my opinion that most of these rings do not work because they have been made in a crude and rudimentary way. Sometimes the design has been altered too. However there are some jewelry designers that are taking the time and effort to handcraft rings, and bangles in a very accurate, detailed and sharp design, which, according to my own feeling, are very effective. These are usually made in gold or silver. The original Atlantis ring was found in 1860 in Egypt in a tomb of an Egyptian high priest, by the Egyptologist, Marquis d’Aigrain, during excavations in the Valley of the Kings. It was then passed on to Howard Carter who had it until his death in 1939. This ring would be at least 5,000 years old and it was made of dark sandstone from the mines of Assouan. The ring had geometric symbols carved into it. The symbols were unlike anything known in ancient Egypt. Through clairvoyant observation it is reported that the ring was from a priest from the time of Atlantis.The symbols, or patterns, look very modern and timeless, with a simplicity of lines and shapes, but that’s what makes the ring so fascinating. In the middle at the top of the ring there are three parallel rectangles. Rectangles which are not flat but in the form of a half cylinder. On both sides of the long rectangles are three small rectangles. next to these are two triangles of which the point is flattened in the middle. At the point of these two triangles are two little holes. These two holes – on each side (or inner side) of the ring are connected to each other by a groove. Howard Carter, who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen, would tell people that he was wearing a talisman when he opened the tomb, in 1922, and that it gave him protection, thereby becoming the only survivor of the curse of the pharaohs. He said that his talisman protected him against all harmful influences. After his death in 1940, when his personal documents were analysed, it was found that this talisman was the Ring of Luxor, as it was then called, now known as the Atlantis Ring.In 1965, André de Belizal and P. A. Morel, in their book Physique micro-vibratoire et forces invisibles, took the design of the Atlantean Ring and flattened it out in a horizontal plane. The called it the Adjustable Luxor. Later on, other people started to call it the Atlantean Bar. Being dowsers, André de Belizal and P. A. Morel found that this flattened, and enlarged, design had certain properties: Having become an Atlantean Bar, it was found that the enlarged design compensates and balances, or harmonizes the cosmo-telluric energies in an area. If the area contains cosmo-telluric disharmonies, such as negative earth energies, then the device will bring balance between the cosmic and telluric energies, making the place healthy again for living beings. Such an enlarged, flattened Atlantean Bar, made out of wood, is placed on the floor and oriented with the magnetic north-south axis. If you know how to dowse, you can rotate the bar until you find an angle at which it will be more effective.



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